Group Screening for Cancer

A cancer screening camp for your loved ones.
At your doorstep.


9 out of 10 people can live with cancer when diagnosed early. Yet 10 million people die every year.
Early screening increases your chance at survival. And of the dignity of life. It also saves your loved ones the agony of late diagnosis.

Package inclusions
  • Blood Routine – CBC
  • Clinical Examination: General Screening, Blood Glucose Check-up, Head and Neck examination, Physical examination for other screening, Prostate Cancer Screening – blood test prostate cancer specific antigen test (Men), Cervical Cancer Screening – Pap Smear test (Women)
Doctor Team
  • General Physician
  • Gynaecologist – Female screening
  • Head and neck surgeon – Male Screening
  • Nurses
Pre Requisites
  • Min commitment: 100 people screenings a day
    Tables and chairs, two rooms/ covered spaces for male and female screenings
  • The spot screening test will help you understand if there are any early signs or symptoms of cancer. It does not necessarily mean you have cancer.
  • If your reports are abnormal, we recommend you to see a doctor to evaluate further.
  • Don’t Panic, CancerMitr will walk the journey with you.